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General News 2024

Yanac is well positioned in all hockey divisions

A Cobras win would see three teams tied on points at the top of the ladder as they would join the Tigers on 18 points and the Hoops, who will earn two points before the bye.

A Tigers win would leave them as the outright leaders.

After a loss to the Cobras in round six, Horsham Hurricanes are vulnerable to dropping another match when they take on the improving Nhill Rangers, who are only just getting started.

Although they are still without a win this season, they have looked threatening in recent matches and this is a great opportunity for them to open their account, which could see them displace their opponent in the top four.

In the main match in the women’s competition, the leader Yanac will face his opponents from last year’s grand final, Kaniva, who, despite a defeat against Horsham Jets last Saturday, remains a powerful combination and is more than capable of keeping up with the competition to go. ruling prime ministers.

After beating Kaniva by two goals last weekend, Horsham Jets need to keep winning if they want to stay in the top two of the ladder.

The Jets won’t find Nhill Thunderbirds an easy opponent after narrowly falling to Dimboola Roos following an epic match in their last outing.

In the other women’s match, the Roos play Warracknabeal, two teams who have worked together in recent seasons to keep their respective teams on the field, but both need the points from a win, with the Roos looking to remain among the leading teams and Warracknabeal then. his first win of the season.

The round kicks off with a tantalizing clash in the under-16s competition as the two undefeated teams, Yanac Warriors and Kaniva Raiders, meet, with the winner getting the prize at the absolute top of the ladder. The last time these two met, in the first round in Dimboola, they played out a three-all draw, and since then both have won all their matches, so this will be a top encounter.

The match between Horsham Bombers and Nhill Leopards will be another close game, but the Leopards have shown better form of late and should stay in touch with the top two with a win.

Warrack Revengers and Dimboola Kangaroos will both be looking for a confidence-boosting win when they face off on Saturday.

Round Six Results –

Open: Kaniva Cobras 3 (Doels, J. Bedford, L. Schultz, L. Mills; Best, L. Mills, A. Wallis, J. Bedford) and Horsham Hurricanes 0 (C. Hassall, M. Spano, J. Horsfall). Warracknabeal Hoops 1 (M. Williamson; T. Jorgensen, S. Schultz, H. Johns) played with Yanac Tigers 1 (T. Alexander; T. Alexander, B. Alexander, L. Reichenbach).

Women: Dimboola Roos 4 (K. Marlow, V. Elliott, L. Graham, J. Ward; J. Hauselberger, L. Graham, K. Marlow) d Nhill Thunderbirds 3 (K. Clark, R. Clark, N. Kuhnell; N Kuhnell, K. Clark, R. Clark). Horsham Jets 2 (K. Krahe, A. Heal; M. Spano, L. Schilling, H. Mackereth) and Kaniva 0 (H. Williams, N. Hutchins, L. Shurdington). Yanac Women 10 (C. Alexander 2, S. Croot 2, I. Hedt 2, E. Alexander, M. Mackley, S. Hedt, J. Bound; M. Mackley, S. Hedt, C. Alexander) d Warracknabeal 0 (O. Elson, M. Bentley, E. Williamson).

Under 16: Nhill Leopards 9 (O. Bone 2, B. Clark 2, T. Bee, D. Clark, C. Bone, B. Cannell, D. Bee; D. Clark, O. Bone, B. Clark) d Dimboola Kangaroos 0 (J. Ward, R. Williams, V. Ward). Kaniva Raiders 5 (C. White 4, L. Krelle; C. White, J. Beattie, L. Krelle) d Horsham Bombers 0 (J. Schwarz, H. Mackereth, K. Besselaar). Yanac Warriors 8 (Archie Zanker 4, Asher Zanker 2, Annabella Zanker, H. Zanker; Archie Zanker, Asher Zanker, Annabella Zanker) and Warracknabeal Revengers 2 (E. Williamson, N. Eilola; N. Eilola, E. Williamson, S Williamson).

Development program for children under 12 years: Dimboola Kookaburras 1 (R. Hadzig) against Nhill Bandits 3 (D. Bee 2, A. Marra). Horsham Black Hawks 1 (H. Mitchell) v Kaniva Rampagers 1 (L. Williams). Warracknabeal Avengers 1 (Z. Nuske) vs. Yanac Lowan Stars 2 (S. Hedt, S. Dickinson).

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