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Vans celebrates Go Skateboarding Day in Johannesburg

Last weekend we attended Vans’ Go Skateboarding Day event at the 011 Skatepark in Edenvale, Johannesburg. For many, skateboarding is more than just a sport: it is a lifestyle and a form of self-expression.

Held every June 21st, this annual event celebrates this culture by bringing together the global skateboarding community. Vans’ event at 011 Skatepark was no exception, offering local skaters a day of excitement, activities and fun challenges to enjoy.

The event consisted of workshops led by experienced skaters from local organizations such as Skate Smiles Club, Girls Skate South Africa, Spectrum, Skateistan, The Skate School, Showtime Events, PTA Girls Skate and JHB Skate Club. These workshops aimed to nurture ambitious youth, share valuable knowledge and boost self-confidence, with a special focus on supporting female skateboarders in a male-dominated sport.

Vans’ partnership with these organizations highlights their commitment to supporting underrepresented communities and promoting inclusivity within skateboarding. The goal was to build a strong, inclusive community and inspire the next wave of skaters who will carry the torch for generations to come.

The day started with a Skate Workshop for Beginners, which provided newcomers with a safe and supportive environment to learn the basics of skateboarding. There was also a creative workshop using disposable film cameras. The main event was the Skate Jam, with separate competitions for young children (groms), women and men. Skaters showed off their skills on various parts of the skate park, including the quarter pipe, ledge, mini ramp, bench, pyramid and rainbow rail.

To add to the excitement, Vans hosted a product toss, giving attendees the chance to win skate decks and other coveted Vans merchandise.

In case you missed it, here are photos from the event:

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