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UFC’s Sean Stickland and Navy SEAL David Goggins are fighting after Goggins challenged Strickland to train with him

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by Sean Strickland The feud with the Navy SEALs has reached retired SEAL and now influencer David Goggins.

In recent months, Strickland has ridiculed the Navy SEALs and their intensive training regimen, saying he didn’t believe a Navy SEAL would survive a week of training with him.

“I don’t think there’s a f—– Navy Seal that could survive a week of training with me, I’m kinda tired of seeing it, ’cause y’all think y’all bad—, come train with me for a week, I’ll show you what’s up, I’ll break your f—–”

Strickland then went on to criticize Goggins in a recent interview for being a “glorified personal trainer.”

“I think David Goggins just distracts himself a little too much… I’ve heard a lot of things in the SEAL community from people saying he was just a glorified physical therapist, when guys were having a hard time he’d run for miles.”

Goggins was aware of Strickland’s comments and challenged the UFC star to join him for a training camp that would be a “hell week.”

“The first camp is for all y’all that think I’m some big fake, some big fraud, that ain’t working hard here, that hates me, all that shit… It’s a three or four day camp and it’s gonna be full of running, swinging, swimming, weights, push-ups, pull-ups, a lot of different sh–, so y’all that talk out of your mouth… this is your chance to show the world that you can fuck me, and we got camera crews, make sure you bring your f–ing camera crew, because you wanna get this on camera, because a 49-year-old man with busted, f-ed up knees, f-ed up body, is gonna put you through a camp where you think you can fuck me… and Strickland, I didn’t forget your video, I hope I see you there too”

Strickland responded to Goggins by ridiculing his training methods in a social media post.

“I admit it, you beat me at jogging.”