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Top 100 Fantasy MLB Prospects for 2024

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Nationals top prospect James Wood (Photo by Tom DiPace)

Following our updated Fantasy Top 500, Dylan White and Geoff Pontes have also reworked our Fantasy Top 100 Prospects list. The update reflects the new rankings and adjustments in prospect value.

Baseball America subscribers will note that these rankings may conflict with our standard Top 100 Prospects list. Below we’ve highlighted some philosophical differences to help explain why.

How Fantasy Values ​​Defense: Baseball America’s goal with the Top 100 Prospects rankings is to identify the 100 most valuable professional players who currently have fewer than 130 plate appearances and 50 innings pitched in the major leagues. Our fantasy Top 100 hopes to identify the top 100 future Major League players in a similar manner. But the difference lies in the way that value is measured.

On a standard prospect rankings, the difference between a 70-rated defenseman and a 50- or 55-rated defenseman at shortstop is often significant from a future value perspective.

For fantasy lists, that perspective shifts. A prospect’s ability to earn playing time based on defensive ability is important to some extent.

Fantasy managers want to know if a player’s defensive skills (or lack thereof) will reduce playing time. There is little difference between the best defensive shortstop in baseball and a 60-level defenseman.

Baserunning: The value of stolen bases in fantasy can often skew the difference between what WAR or wRC+ values ​​as above-average offensive seasons and how it is valued in fantasy. The standard score in fantasy usually consists of a combination of runs, RBIs, home runs, stolen bases and batting average (or on-base percentage). So the combination of runs, RBIs, home runs and stolen bases is the real target. In this state of mind, players with the ability to hit 20 or more home runs with 20 or more stolen bases are of greater importance.

To catch: Strong defensive catchers with above-average or better hitting skills are often rated as the best players in the game on our Top 100 Prospects list. Catcher is perhaps the most important defensive position on the field. Those who can reach the bar of above-average major league hitter are highly regarded and rightly so.

In fantasy baseball, the opposite is true. Catchers tend to deal with some unique challenges that other position players do not. They tend to experience more wear and tear over the course of the season, which in turn leads to more days off than, say, an outfielder. This combination of factors influences our value of catchers in fantasy. Not only do they have a more limited hitting field than other position players, they also often have to deal with more wear and tear on their hands, which affects their shots. Most standard fantasy formats feature one catcher per team, meaning they are often in lower demand.

Close proximity: The value of prospects in fantasy is often fixed over a two- or three-year period. This means that prospects who are three or more years away will see their value drop slightly from their true potential. In the same vein, players with prospects for Major League playing time will see an increase in value in the coming year. Depending on the depth of your league (the depth equals the number of players or prospects), prospects with an expected expected date beyond 2025 may be on the waiting list outside of the most elite talent. In contrast to the standard Top 100 list, we attach more value to the ability to contribute in the short term.

Below are the Top 100 prospects to target in fantasy in 2024.

Top 100 Fantasy Prospects

1 Paul Skenes P PIT
2 James Wood BY WSH
3 Junior Caminero 3B TBR
4 Jackson vacation SS BALL
5 Jasson Dominguez BY NYY
6 Coby Mayo 3B BALL
7 Roman Anthony BY BUNCH
8 Christian Scott P NYM
9 Noelvi Marte 3B CIN
10 Emmanuel Rodríguez BY MIN
11 Walker Jenkins BY MIN
12 Dylan Crews BY WSH
13 Jordan Lawlar SS ARI
14 Jackson Jobe P DET
15 Foal Emerson SS SEA
16 Carson Williams SS TB
17 Matt Shaw 2B/SS CHC
18 Xavier Isaac 1B TB
19 Lazaro Montes BY SEA
20 Samuel Basallo c BALL
21 Noa Schultz P CHW
22 Adael Amador SS COL
23 Pete Crow Armstrong BY CHC
24 Kyle Manzardo 1B CLE
25 Marcelo Mayer SS BUNCH
26 Owen Caissie BY CHC
27 Heston Kjerstad 1B/OF BALL
28 Aidan Miller 3B PHI
29 Orelvis Martinez SS TOR
30 Harry Ford c SEA
31 Agustin Ramirez c NYY
32 Cade Horton P CHC
33 Cole Jong SS SEA
34 Ricky Tiedemann P TOR
35 Chase DeLauter BY CLE
36 Jet Williams SS/OF NYM
37 Kevin McGonigle SS DET
38 Max Clark BY DET
39 Dalton rushes c BOY
40 Colson Montgomery SS CHW
41 Brady House 3B USED ​​TO BE
42 Max Meijer P MIA
43 Kyle Teel c BUNCH
44 Leodalis De Vries SS SDP
45 Tink Hence P STL
46 David Festa P MIN
47 Drew Thorpe P SDP
48 Joey Loperfido 3B LOVE
49 Sebastian Walcott SS TEX
50 Spencer Jones BY NYY
51 Tyler Black 2B MIL
52 Felnin Celesten SS SEA
53 Cade Povich P BALL
54 Ronny Mauricio 2B/SS NYM
55 Hurston Waldrep P ATL
56 Drew Gilbert BY NYM
57 Jordan Beck BY COL
58 Luke Keaschall 2B MIN
59 José de Paula BY BOY
60 Quinn Mathews P STL
61 Ethan Salas c SD
62 Rhett Lowder P CIN
63 Jacob Misiorowski RP MIL
64 Bryce Eldridge P/OF SFG
65 Tommy Troy SS ARI
66 Jefferson Rojas SS CHC
67 Moises Ballesteros c CHC
68 AJ Smith-Shawver P ATL
69 Brooks Lee SS MIN
70 Zebby Matthews P MIN
71 Tyler Locklear 1B/3B SEA
72 Brock Wilken 3B MIL
73 Jace Jung 2B DET
74 Joendry Vargas SS BOY
75 Jaison Chourio BY CLE
76 Thomas Saggese 2B/SS STL
77 Deyvison De Los Santos 1B/3B CLE
78 Graham Pauley 3B SDP
79 Dylan Bevers BY BALL
80 Logan Evans P SEA
81 Eduardo Quintero BY BOY
82 Victor Scott II BY STL
83 Jacob Melton BY LOVE
84 Adam Mazure P SDP
85 Brayden Taylor 3B TB
86 Kevin Alcantara BY CHC
87 Ryan Clifford 1B NYM
88 Ralphy Velazquez c CLE
89 Connor Norby 2B BALL
90 Spencer Schellenbach P ATL
91 Bubba Chandler P PIT
92 Zac Veen BY COL
93 Samuel Zavala BY CWS
94 Termarr Johnson 2B PIT
95 Ben Rice c NYY
96 James Triantos SS CHC
97 Jonathan Clase BY SEA
98 Cade Cavalli P WSH
99 Zach Dezenzo 1B/2B/3B LOVE
100 Johnny Farmel BY SEA