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This is how you play and activate the Google Mini Cup Euro 2024


For this UEFA Euro 2024, Google has created a new game for you to enjoy: the Google Mini Cup. Here’s how to play and activate it.

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Everyone wants to join the conversation about football this summer. Therefore Googling created the Minicup European Championship 2024a game you can play anywhere on your mobile device.

It’s that time of year when all the football fans must stay connected to the internet. The UEFA Euro 2024 has already started, and no one wants to miss a single moment of this exciting tournament.

To improve the experience, Googlingin addition to the usual match score updateshas developed one game for all fans to enjoy. This allows them to do that support their countries And stay informed about everything that happens during the competition.

Google Mini Cup Euro 2024: How to activate and play it?

Google wants fans to be part of the biggest European tournament this year. For that reason they introduced a new game called the Minicup European Championship 2024where you can test your skills like a penalty shooter.

In this game you will compete against a goalkeeper from the rival country in every Euro 2024 match. Choose the country you support and try it Score as many penalties as possiblewhere the goalkeeper gets faster as you score.

To activate and play this game, follow these steps (instructional images below):

  1. Go to on your mobile device (doesn’t work on desktop).
  2. To search “Euro 2024.”
  3. In the bottom right corneryou will find one football; Click here.
  4. The Minicup European Championship 2024 screen appears.
  5. Select the country where you support in every game.
  6. Swipe the ball to beat the goalkeeperfocused on the other side to where the goalkeeper is located.
  7. Score as many goals as possible as you can contribute to the total score by other users.
  8. To enjoy!
Click on the bottom right corner

List of all upcoming Euro 2024 matches
Swipe to beat the goalkeeper

QUESTIONNAIRE Have you played the Google Mini Cup Euro 2024?

Have you played the Google Mini Cup Euro 2024?


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