Quentin Batalillon

General News 2024

The new Patrick Mahomes Coors Light commercial will be buried until he retires; when will that be?

When I spoke to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes after last December’s win over the Patriots, he couldn’t help but wonder if he’s 27 or 28.

He’s 28. He’ll turn 29 on September 17. And as he gets closer to 30, questions about how long he’ll play are inevitable.

They are unavoidable for two other reasons. First, the latest Mahomes ad for Coors Light, which has a recent habit of brazenly tip-toeing around the ban on active players making beer commercials, says the commercial will be put in a time capsule until Mahomes retires.

So when will that be? Will he play Tom Brady and play until he’s 45?

That leads to the second reason. Via, Mahomes’ mother recently suggested in a podcast appearance that Patrick might not stick around until he’s in his mid-90s.

“I hear him make comments like, ‘If the game takes away my children, I might not play as long as Tom Brady‘, and I’m like – I’m so proud of him for that,” Randi Mahomes further said The mother game podcast.

A big part of that could depend on whether he reaches Brady’s seven Super Bowl wins before Mahomes reaches his 40s. In six years as a starter, he has three rings; loses his floor in overtime of the AFC Championship. Maybe Mahomes will be satisfied if he gets seven (or eight) and walks away.

Another factor is whether Mahomes can find the right balance between football and family. Things eventually became unbalanced for Brady. Mahomes may be able to figure out how to prioritize family without undermining football.

Either way, expect Mahomes to face a lot of questions about his long-term plans.