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That says everything about him

Terrance from Sun Prairie, WI

Who will be a surprise on defense this year?

Colby Wooden. He had a nice offseason and I think the extra weight will help him.

Which of the rookies was the most fun to interview and why?

Oh, there have been countless, but I have to give a shout out to MarShawn Lloyd, who was generous to the **post-draft article I wrote about his family**. He reminds me of Aaron Jones: friendly, approachable and super respectful. I also enjoyed talking to Kitan Oladapo at rookie minicamp and heard great things about Evan Williams, although I haven’t had a chance to interview him yet.

Dear Wes, I have seen reports of AJ Dillon training and training for the upcoming season. He has been a valuable running back for this team since he was drafted and a positive leader on and off the field. Even with injuries last year, AJ had a down year. The negativity from some fans and media is a bit exaggerated in my opinion. He loves Green Bay, his team and the community. He would be my pick to watch to have an excellent season. Thank you!

Dillon has been a consummate professional through it all. His new signing flew under the radar this offseason, but I really felt like Dillon had unfinished business in Green Bay. Dillon said he is in the best shape of his life and I believe him. He definitely looked thinner this spring. He is also reliable in many of the overlooked aspects of his position, including pass protection and special teams. Dillon is willing to do whatever the coaches ask of him. I think that says everything about him, especially at this stage of Dillon’s career.

How would you rate the Packers’ receiving corps compared to other years?

From above it is the deepest I have ever covered. The Packers have had All-Pros and Pro Bowlers, but from Nos. 1 through 8, there was nothing comparable.

How did Alex McGough view the receiver during the underwear competition?

McGough (hamstring) was unfortunately one of the few injuries in the offseason program, so we haven’t really seen him at receiver yet. He will aim to come back healthy and do his best next month.

Jake from Colorado Springs, CO

I hope to be able to take my two young sons to joint practice with the Broncos in Denver in August. I see that the training will take place on August 16th. Any idea when the time will be announced, and how to effectively fish for a few signatures at these types of events? Thank you!

According to the Broncos website: **trainings start at 10am local** with gates opening at 9am. Tickets are free but required for entry. I have no idea about signatures. Maybe you can check Reddit.

Larry from Canandaigua, NY

Do we have a mean and nasty snot-bubbler on the O-line? If so, who could it be? I really enjoy your work. GPG

I don’t know if he’s a traditional snot bubble, but Elgton Jenkins plays with an edge that we rarely talk about. You don’t get under Aaron Donald’s skin like Jenkins accidentally did.

Wes, other than signing Jordan Love to a contract, what is the most important thing the Packers need to do before training camp?

Joe from Liberty Township, Ohio

The Packers are regularly criticized for not yet reaching a new deal with Jordan Love. Yes, that has been the case since early May and before that they had the opportunity to negotiate, but both sides have to agree. Joe Burrow got more money by waiting for Jalen Hurts and Justin Herbert to sign their deals. Jared Goff and Trevor Lawrence recently signed new contracts, but Tua and Dak are still around. Perhaps Love’s team is waiting to raise the bar even higher.

I don’t know anything about negotiations, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t hear a peep until a contract is signed, sealed and delivered. Whatever happens, don’t confuse silence with stagnation.

Gary from Fayetteville, NC

Hi Mike and Wes! With all the questions about capping quarterback pay, it seems to me that there is a certain leveling effect if their pay isn’t capped… very few teams have an elite level quarterback because they are hard to come by, so the teams that do have their guy have to pay a lot for it and therefore can’t keep all the other top talent they have. That in turn allows other teams without “the guy” to afford those players, which evens things out a bit. Does this make any sense to you guys?

That’s true… and it also seems that the teams with “the man” at quarterback often perform better than the teams without.

Gregg from Arlington Heights, Illinois

Wes, who was the first Packers player featured in your first article? What were your questions, what were the answers, and what did you learn about your work that you can use in the future?

I wrote a few articles about the Packers during my first six years at the Press-Gazette, which makes it difficult to identify a single story. What I vividly remember from my first training camp in 2012 was writing my first story about Jarrett Bush getting the first shot at the starting perimeter cornerback job that Charles Woodson vacated when he moved to safety in the base defense.

Deadzone Note: Late round network draft coverage has always bothered me. The draft is the BIGGEST day of many people’s lives and I had to listen to the NFL Network crew complain about the smell and “ending on a high note.” Some don’t even get their names called. I don’t expect a full analysis of every pick, but some picks are almost completely unknown. I find myself feeling sorry for these latecomers. Kudos to you for giving us the insight that they all have stories.

We are all human. The only thing that bothers me is when analysts act like fortune tellers… and they can do that, because their commentary usually goes in one ear of the audience and out the other. Cliff did a great job **I called everyone on the carpet last month**.

Mike from Franksville, Wisconsin

Funny that you think of the Raiders as the in-laws of Ron Wolf’s Packers, because I always thought part of the reason John Madden loved Brett Favre so much was because Brett reminded him of his quarterback, Kenny Stabler. Both were devilish Southern boys who had an exciting, win-at-all-costs style of play that teammates loved.

And both teams won…a lot.

Thomas from Jacksonville, FL

Come on man! No one has mentioned the 1898 St. Louis (now Arizona) Cardinals as one of the great original NFL teams. The Giants didn’t exist until 1925, Steelers and Eagles, 1933.

You have no idea how far my pettiness goes for any team called the “St. Louis Cardinals’.

Rick from Trempealeau, Wisconsin

Wes, joker. I have to admit, I almost spit my coffee when I read, “These games should be about rewarding fans from faraway lands and expanding American soccer’s global footprint beyond the almighty dollar.”

I know, I know… but a staff writer can dream.

I love Lori from Brookfield Questions. There is an obvious follow-up question. What kind of BREAD?

What’s happening on the grass!? What’s happening on the grass!? Don’t you mean what happens on the Desso Grassmaster system of Kentucky bluegrass interwoven with millions of artificial grass fibers? Or FieldTurf artificial grass over a bed of small rubber pellets on the road?

Sure, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing…