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General News 2024

Tennis Prodigy Beverage Partnerships: Chief Smoothie Officer

In a strategic move aimed at bridging the worlds of sports and nutrition, tennis sensation Coco Gauff has been appointed Chief Smoothie Officer (CSO) of Naked Brand, a renowned beverage industry company specializing in smoothies and juices.

Gauff has already made a remarkable impact, not only in sports, but also as a role model advocating health, wellness and perseverance.

In a statement, Guaff shared, “I love fruits and juices. They have always been a part of my routine. So to be named Naked’s first Chief Smoothie Officer is an incredible honor and a natural combination of my love for both. I I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with the innovation team to create real fruit juice smoothies and help shape the future of Naked.” Her appointment as Chief Smoothie Officer fits seamlessly with her brand and values, and emphasizes the importance of good nutrition for achieving top sports performance.