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Taekwondo champion from Williamsville sets his sights on WKC World Championships

GETZVILLE, NY. (WKBW) — A taekwondo champion from Williamsville is putting Western New York on the map as she prepares for the WKC World Championships in Portugal.

15-year-old Aashi Parashar started taking taekwondo and karate lessons at a young age.

“My parents enrolled me in self-defense classes when I was three and I have been training here ever since,” says Parashar.

The first time she stepped into the Master Khechen Martial Arts Academy, Master Christopher Schiele knew that Parashar had a mountain of potential, and the way she was given back to others along the way made her stand out from the rest.

“I think the moment I really saw that was when she started helping other students. There’s a saying in Martial Arts that a teacher can’t necessarily do it and someone who can do it can’t necessarily teach,” Schiele told 7 Sports.” So she can do it and teach it too.

Parashar’s hard work and dedication to the sport have paid off in more ways than she could have imagined.

“I had no idea I would get this far in this sport… I was going to quit after my black belt and then something clicked and I stayed,” Parashar said. “I’m so grateful for that because without it I wouldn’t be here.”

From winning a National Championship to now preparing for the WKC World Championships in Portugal, less than a year after a torn labrum that required hip surgery. Parashar has overcome adversity at almost every step of this journey.

Her desire to continue making progress comes from the opportunity to show the world that women belong on this stage.

“It’s super cool to be there and there are also so many women who are in these divisions now that weren’t there a while ago,” she added. “So it’s cool to see everyone progressing and women getting involved too, because they’re great at this sport.”

Representing the United States and all of Western New York against the best in the world would make almost anyone nervous, but Parahsar’s mentality keeps those nerves in check as she continues to make final preparations.

“It’s really a hype for myself… saying that I can do this and that they have nothing against me. I may be lying to myself a bit, but lying to myself helps in the last moments before I start struggling,” he adds. Parahsar.

More information about the WKC World Championships can be found here. Information on how to sign up for classes at Master Khechen’s Martial Arts Academy can be found here.