Quentin Batalillon

General News 2024

Surf Coast school road improvements

Surf Coast Shire Council will carry out road safety projects around school grounds to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow.

The council will trial new parking restrictions for the third and fourth terms along School Road in Bellbrae from July 15 to address residents’ concerns about safety near Bellbrae Primary School.

Restrictions include no parking on the west side ‘island’ and no parking on the east side of School Road. New two-minute drop-off and pick-up zones have also been introduced and there are marked parking spaces along the street.

Councilor Heather Wellington said safety issues were identified during meetings with residents, Victoria Police and school council and representatives.

“We have determined that simply maintaining the status quo is very risky and that there are easy, low-cost options we can try,” she said.

“I understand that these changes may cause inconvenience to some people, but we cannot compromise on the safety of school children.”

Road safety works near Torquay College and St Therese Primary School started on Monday 24 June and are expected to be completed on 12 July.

The works include new raised pedestrian crossings, speed bumps, crosswalks and updated signage, as well as the widening of the Grossmans Road roundabout, Eton Road and Illawong Drive.

Mayor Liz Pattison said it took three weeks to complete the work and apologized for any inconvenience caused by starting the project in the last week of the school year.

“These important improvements will make it safer for both children and adults to cross the road in this area at all times,” she said.

More information about road safety improvements in Torquay and near Bellbrae Primary School can be found on the Surf Coast Shire Council website.