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Ranking Connor Fields’ Top 5 Most Absurd PLL Goals

Connor Fields’ No. 1 “SportsCenter” highlight goal against the Maryland Whipsnakes was one for the ages. Named “Goal of the Year” by ESPN’s Paul Carcaterra and “Goal of the Century” by teammate Award clauseit’s one of Fields’ many astonishing goals.

His highlight-reel style of play is a joy to watch. It’s also a huge asset to the Utah Archers’ offense. Fields’ ability to get a shot off from any angle, against any defender, and from virtually anywhere on the court makes him a late shot clock cheat code for Utah.

“He’s such a magician with the stick,” Ament said. “He’s probably one of the best guys to have the ball in his stick in those 10 seconds left (situations), maybe it’s a five-on-six. And he’ll just make something happen. We always expect it from him.”

Fields, one of eight Archers players selected to this Saturday’s PLL All-Star Game, led the league in goals scored with under 10 seconds left on the clock in 2023. His creativity plus the sheer strength in both his core and wrists distinguish him as one of the best evasive threats in lacrosse.

“Our group recognizes his unique skill set,” Archers head coach Chris Bates said. “You’ve got All-Stars around him. But with what he does and how he does it, it’s usually a pretty smart move to let the ball end up with him at the end of the shot clock.”

Thanks to his deep bag of tricks and all those late shot clock chances, Fields has scored countless highlight reels. But which five are the best?

5. Behind-the-back goal after pulling a hold against Whipsnakes

His between-the-legs heroics later in Saturday’s game were overshadowed by Fields’ 10-yard behind-the-back score.