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‘Price is right’ Drew Carey says players get drunk and high on set

The price is correct Host Drew Carey has seen it all during his tenure, since taking over the reins from legend Bob Barker. Based on Carey’s latest revelations, there may be a surprising reason why the show is so energetic and entertaining. What did he have to say?

The price is right: Participants bring the energy to the show

When it comes to The price is correct, the players make the show. The high energy levels and enthusiasm are infectious as they ‘come down’ to try and win big money and big prizes. It turns out that standing in front of bright lights can be unnerving.

For some The price is right The pressure can be intense. The fear increases, with the possibility that all the money is within reach of the players. There is also the fact that the cameras and the studio audience can mean a lot to some.

The price is right Drew Carey - YouTube/CBS MorningsThe Price Is Right Drew Carey - YouTube/CBS Mornings
Drew Carey – YouTube/CBS Mornings

Drew Carey Spills Tea on Drunk, High Contestants?

According to the latest tea from The price is correct host, Drew Carey, certain players rely on a little something extra to get them through, and to help them deal with the cameras and bright lights. According to the celebrity host, some contestants need some liquid courage before taking the stage.

Drew Carey recently said, “They’ll take a gummy, or I’ll smell alcohol on their breath. It’s not that unusual. There was a guy here who was tripping on mushrooms. I asked him what he did for a living. And he said, ‘I’m a skateboarding rabbi.’ He didn’t think he was going to get picked, and he was tripping all over the place.”

Drew Carey about The price is right |  YouTubeDrew Carey about The price is right |  YouTube
Drew Carey about The price is right | YouTube

Carey Opens Up About His Mental Health

While The price is right While players may need help with resources to get in front of a large studio audience, Drew Carey recently spoke candidly about his own struggles with mental health over the years and what helped him through those dark times.

Continuing the tradition of Bob Barker’s closing words about spaying and neutering pets, Carey added his own twist at the end, reminding viewers to “Take care of yourself, especially your mental health. It’s important, and I love you!”

Just like you lose some liquid courage before you get to the front The price is right studio audience, Drew Carey recently opened up about it.

The Price Is Right: Drew CareyThe price is right: Drew Carey
The price is right: Drew Carey/YouTube

He said: “I’ve had a few tough years and I had to put my mental health first. It helped me a lot to do that and not get lost in sadness or grief. My therapist and my doctor helped me find tools to not completely get lost… You can get addicted to feelings of depression and not know how to get out of it.”

Luckily for Carey, he seems to be in a much better mental space these days, and he’s doing his part to pass on that positivity.

For all the last The price is correct news, come back to it TV Shows Ace for more.

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