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Michael ‘Venom’ Page brands Ian Machado Garry a ‘fake Conor McGregor’ ahead of UFC 303 clash

Despite clearly trying his best to do things his own way, Ian Garry has been branded a ‘fake Conor McGregor’ by his nemesis Michael ‘Venom’ Page.

The rivals will finally settle their differences in a highly anticipated clash on Saturday night at UFC 303 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

(L-R) England's Michael 'Venom' Page fights Kevin Holland in a welterweight bout at the UFC 299 event at Kaseya Center on March 9, 2024 in…
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Michael ‘Venom’ Page calls Ian Garry a ‘fake Conor McGregor’

With his grudge match with Ian Garry just days away, Michael ‘Venom’ Page is doing everything he can to get under the skin of his opponent.

Throughout his career, the former world kickboxing champion has built a reputation for his wild antics. From unleashing his unique brand of trash talk to wowing the crowd with his Pokemon-themed victory celebrations, the Londoner always knows how to put on a show.

In the run-up to his final confrontation, he has bombarded his arch-enemy with fierce verbal attacks. He even named the Irishman Conor McGregor after him.

Both hailing from the Emerald Isle, it’s no surprise that Garry spent his younger years looking up to the 2x UFC King.

However, some believe the 26-year-old has molded his entire personality around ‘The Notorious’, which has played into his rival’s hands.

Page has used these accusations to fuel the war of words, recently taking aim at Garry in an interview with ESPN.

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The flashy striker said: “My thing is he’s a fake version of Conor McGregor. I understand being inspired by him, but I think he’s trying a little too hard to walk the same path instead of walking his own.

With an explosive fighting style and the gift of gab, the comparisons between Garry and the biggest star in the history of the sport are countless.

But perhaps the similarities are just a coincidence, as Ireland simply produces fantastic fighters with a sharp mind.

Regardless, ‘MVP’ continues to egg on the bear and predict his opponent’s demise.

He claimed, “I think if you try too hard to fill someone else’s boots, you stumble.”

While some may view the MMA star’s comments as mere nonsense, he is actually speaking from a position of experience.

Michael Venom Page talks about being compared to Anderson Silva

With such a versatile range of punches and a highlight reel full of exciting knockouts, it’s no surprise that fans are making comparisons between MVP and the great Anderson Silva.

When the British athlete first switched from kickboxing to MMA, fans quickly noticed the similarities between the two esteemed strikers.

However, unlike the Garry-McGregor situation, people compared Page to the former UFC champion out of respect.

But despite the kind words, MVP wasn’t thrilled with what viewers had to say.

While it is a great achievement to have his name in the same conversation as the former middleweight title holder, MVP did not want to be pigeonholed, but instead did everything he could to create his own legacy in the sport.

He told ESPN: “I remember when I first got into MMA, everyone was like, ‘You’re the British Anderson Silva.’ It’s a compliment and I appreciate it. But I didn’t try to follow his path.”

The 37-year-old has had an incredible career, full of moments that fans will remember forever. However, he still misses the UFC title he craves, and if he can beat Garry, he will be one step closer to achieving that dream.

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