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Katie Boulter sends Ostapenko into the second round clash against Paolini at the Rothesay International. HIGHLIGHTS – EASTBOURNE RESULTS – Tennis Tonic

ROTHESAY ​​​​INTERNATIONAL – EASTBOURNE DRAW AND RESULTS. Boulter overcomes Ostapenko to fight Jasmine Paolini in the quarter

Katie Boulter beats Jelena Ostapenko 6-4 7-5 in the 2NL round at Eastbourne on Wednesday. Boulter will fight Jasmine Paolini this quarter. The battle lasted 2 hours and 4 minutes. This will be her best result in this competition. Previously, the best she could do was reach 3rd round in 2022. Here you can see her previous results at this event.


Boulter’s record

The Brit added $11,320 to her prize money after winning this competition. She has already won $24,910 after this win. If she wins the next competition, the Brit will add $26,295 to her earnings for a total of $51,205.

Highlights Katie Boulter vs Jelena Ostapenko Rothesay International – Eastbourne

Statistics: aces, double faults, breaks, winners

At the end of the match the Briton scored 96 points versus Jelena’s 87.


Katie hit 11 aces and made 6 double faults. The Brit won this match, even though she had trouble converting her break points, as she only converted 28% (5/18) of the opportunities acquired.


On the other hand, Ostapenko was not as effective in converting her break points (alone 27%3/11). That was one of the main reasons for her death.

After this match, the head-to-head matchup between Boulter and Ostapenko is 1-0 for Katie.

Draw and next match H2H: Katie Boulter vs. Jasmine Paolini – statistics

Boulter will face Paolini this quarter.

This will be the 4e time that Katie Boulter and Jasmine Paolini play against each other. The head-to-head score is 2-1 for Boulter (see full H2H stats), but they have never competed against each other on grass.

The last time they met, Boulter won 6-2 6-2 in the 1st round in Linz in January 2024.

Live score progress and statistics

The British won the set after breaking the Latvian in the 3rd (2-1) and in the 5e (4-1) game. Jelena tried to stage a comeback by breaking in the 8e (5-3) game. Regardless, the Brit remained solid to take the set 6-4.

A decisive moment in this set was when the Briton won 5 games in a row in the 1st set to change the number of games from 0-1 Unpleasant 5-1.

Katie converted 25% of her breakpoints (2/8). She had 8

breakpoint opportunities in the 3rd (1-1 15-40 and 30-40), the 5e (3-1 15-40), the 9e (5-3 30-40, 40-A, 40-A and 40-A) and the 11e game (6-3 40A). Moreover, on the other side, Jelena converted 25% of her breakpoints (1/4). She had her chances in the 4e (1-2 15-40, 30-40 and 40-A) and the 8e game (2-5 40A).

They played 90 points. The Briton achieved 8 points more than Ostapenko (49-41). Katie scored 15 points on her serve (22-15). on the other side of the court the Latvian conceded 27 points on serve (26-27


Katie won the set after breaking Jelena in the 5e (3-2) and in the 11e (6-5) game. Ostapenko tried to make a comeback in the 6e (3-3) game. Despite this, Katie kept her focus on winning the set 7-5.

The Briton converted 22% of her breakpoints (2/9). She had 9 breakpoint possibilities in the 5e (2-2 30-40, 40-A, 40-A, 40-A, 40-A and 40-A) and the 11e game (5-5 15-40, 30-40 and 40-A). Moreover, on the other side, Jelena converted 14% of her breakpoints (1/7). She had her chances in the 1st (0-0 30-40), the 6e (2-3 15-40) and the 8e game (4-3 15-40, 30-40, 40A, 40A and 40A).

They contested 91 points. This set was a huge battle as Katie eventually won just 1 point more than the Latvian (46-45). Boulter lost 22 points on serve (26-22). As for the other side of the net, the Latvian conceded 20 points on serve (23-20).

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