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Do you have lead pipes that supply your drinking water?

The City of Casper is currently locating existing lead water pipes on citizen properties and educating citizens on how to alleviate their hazard.

“In addition to this being the right thing to do for the health of everyone in our community, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also asked us to do this water main inventory,” explained Tom Brauer, Chief Operating Officer.

“This is a BIG undertaking and we hope everyone will want to know if there are any lead pipes supplying their drinking water.” According to Brauer, the only way to know is to verify the pipe material that goes into every water meter in homes and businesses in the city of Casper.

“The best way to achieve this is for property owners to locate their water meter, not the one in the alley or outside the building, but the one usually downstairs or in the crawl space, and report their findings using our tools and testing methods. that work,” Brauer continued. The City of Casper has built an informational website and reporting tool for citizens to accomplish this through ArcGIS StoryMaps, which you can access here.

It has been determined that none of the water pipes the City of Casper uses to deliver water from the under-street water main to each property are made of lead. The municipality has identified the steps you must take to report your home’s water pipe material:

  1. If you know what material your water pipe is made of, use the reporting tool to report the pipe material.
  2. If you want to know what pipe materials are used in delivering water to your home, the reporting tool has images of each pipe material.
  3. Use a test method from the testing section of the reporting tool to test the pipe material and then report your findings for submission.
  4. If you need help identifying the pipe material servicing your property, please ask us for assistance at 307-235-8360.

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