Quentin Batalillon

General News 2024

Could a Kentucky Wildcat win SEC Player of the Year this season?

This Kentucky basketball team that coach Mark Pope has put together will have a lot of experienced players who have played significant minutes during their careers.

The question is: Do any of the players on this roster have a chance to win SEC Player of the Year?

It seems like there are only two players who can win the SEC Player of the Year Award for the Wildcats and they are Andrew Carr and Koby Brea. Their chances are still very slim, but we have seen players win this award sooner than anyone expected.

Some might say that Amari Williams has a shot at this award, but more than likely he won’t score enough points to win it this season. Williams has a solid chance to capture the Defensive Player of the Year Award in the SEC this season if he continues to block shots and protect the rim like he did at Drexel.

Carr and Brea are the two players in contention for this award, as they are the two with the best chance to lead the Wildcats in scoring.

With players like Mark Sears and Johni Broome in the SEC, Carr or Brea would likely need 20 points per game to win this award.

This is possible for transfers, but it would cost a lot. More than likely, these two are both averaging around 15 points per game, which would make it difficult to win the SEC Player of the Year Award. But if a Wildcat were to win this award, it would most likely be Carr or Brea.