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‘Brawl Under The Bridge’ Continues Annual Wrestling Tradition

Pittsburgh is a city steeped in wrestling tradition and the “City Of Bridges” continues a new tradition for the professional wrestling world.

“Brawl Under The Bridge” is entering its ninth year in Pittsburgh’s Homestead neighborhood, and the name of the event is as advertised. The event, which takes place on July 13, will take place under the Homestead Grays Bridge. The atmosphere of the fight is more of a community event for the entire area, with beer stands and Steel City sandwiches.

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance teamed up with cartoonist Frank Cundiff, who had always been interested in hosting a professional wrestling event. Thanks to his strong ties to Pittsburgh, he came up with a new idea.

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“I worked on comics before I started the event, and I was familiar with the area because I was also the sound guy for the Oyster Fest that was held at the Homestead-Grays Bridge.”

The event will be headlined by ‘The Face Of Pittsburgh’ Lou Martin, who will defend his KSWA Championship against Freek E. Doyle. Former ECW and WCW talent T-Rantula will also be in action for the Brawl Under The Bridge title. Also on the bill is Shane Starr who will take on Shawn Blanchard in a Steel City strap match.

Martin and KSWA have been participating for years and the champion knows how special “Brawl Under The Bridge” is for the promotion and for the region.

“The location for the event under the historic Homestead Grays Bridge is pretty unique for an event,” Martin said. “The bridge just adds to the overall feel of the event as a whole.”

In the past, Brawl Under The Bridge has featured well-known wrestling names such as Nikolai Volkoff, Doink The Clown and many more.

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